Welcome to Vorpal Wishes, a Changeling: The Lost campaign set in the midst of a decaying Boston where madness festers towards a nightmarish apotheosis.

It’s been three years since the horror of that longest night decapitated the Boston Freehold and the Autumn Court refused to relinquish it’s rule to Winter’s chill embrace. Uncle Longshadow rules unflinchingly from the dark bowels of the Shadow Manse, his awareness extended by a seemingly insurmountable network of agents, his will made manifest through the brutal talons and barking weapons of his Paladins of Shadow. Some say he has broken the cycle and beckoned the Others. Some say he is all that stands between the broken souls of his people and a power so wrong it’s very existence beggars words.

None would argue that these three years have been more stable than any known before…

... but at what price, peace?

Vorpal Wishes

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