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  • Spring Court

    _Do not dwell upon your past misery, look forward to a present new life_ Outstanding Membership

    • [[:floydcarn | Floyd Carnation]] - Legate
    • [[:piper-mccord | Piper McCord]] - Administrative Assistant
    • [[:clare-standish | …

  • Caer Bannog

    Basic Info

    • Quick Description: Gaelic Pub
    • Realm: The Mortal World
    • Nominal Owner: [[:norm-claven | Norm Claven]]
    • Asset Holder: [[:floydcarn | Floyd Carnation]]
    • Territory: [[Southmost Barony | Southmost …

  • Floyd Carnation

    The time was so long. Endless repetition of being brought out into the sunlight and fresh air. Then moving back into the greenhouse for the night. At least in winter. In summer, many warm nights would be spend outside under the stars. If I had bloomed …

  • Clare Standish

    Clare Standish was born Clare Charlotte Standish on December 21, 1959. Her family was a rich and affluent family in the area. For Clare's 21st birthday (in 1980) her friends threw her a birthday party at the old house that Clare's family had purchased in …

  • Piper McCord

    Piper McCord was born into the mortal world in 1965. Her parents were a fairly well off couple in the greater Boston area. Piper succeeded at virtually anything she tried. And though she did well in both her academic and athletic studies in school, she …