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  • The Innocent and the Ensorcerelled

    The Innocent

    • Blacks Books
      • [[:bernard-black | Bernard Black]] - Owner
      • [[:manny-bianco | Manny Bianco]]
    • Fran-tiques
      • [[:fran-katzenjammer | Fran Katzenjammer]] - Owner

  • Bernard Black

    Bernard Black is a recent Irish immigrant. He owns and operates a bookshop called Black Books in South End. Bernard is obnoxious, irreverent, and rude. He doesn't like people, his job, or much of anything beyond drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, and …

  • Fran Katzenjammer

    Fran Katzenjammer is the owner and sole proprietor of an antique shop called "Fran-tiques". She thought it was a clever play on words because it wove together her name, the word "antiques", and loosely the concept of being frantic (by changing the …

  • Manny Bianco

    Manuel Bianco, or Manny, is the employee and roommate to Bernard Black. Manny pretty much runs the bookshop by himself as Bernard is often too distracted, too irritated, or too drunk to take care of the business. Manny used to be an accountant, but lost …

  • Norm Claven

    Norm Claven is the mortal owner and operator of Caer Bannog (Floyd Carnation's bar). Several years ago, Norm decided that his career as an accountant just wasn't satisfying enough and decided to sink his life savings into buying an old Irish pub that sat …