Piper McCord

The sleek and sassy assistant to Legate of the Spring Court

  • Seeming: Beast
  • Kith: Hunterheart
  • Court: Spring
  • -
  • Virtue: Justice
  • Vice: Wrath

Piper McCord was born into the mortal world in 1965. Her parents were a fairly well off couple in the greater Boston area. Piper succeeded at virtually anything she tried. And though she did well in both her academic and athletic studies in school, she excelled in dancing and singing. Her parents, seeing their daughter’s potential, they enrolled her in opera and ballet classes.

In the summer of 1987, Piper was taken through the hedge and stolen away to be hunted for sport.

At first, she was hunted, then, she became the hunter. Sleek, fast, nimble, and determined, she became the prized hunter for her Fey masters. She was treated well, at least as well as one treats their prized animal. Groomed daily and fed well, but forced to hunt for sport, for competition, and for the amusement of her cruel masters.

One day, while hunting on a savannah, she heard a song bird singing. Or perhaps it wasn’t a song bird, but something else. Something that connected in the back of her mind. And for a moment, she remembered singing. She recalled the joy of another life. She remembered being a human. Cautiously at first, stealthily, cunningly, she crept through the brush of the savannah, seeming to be stalking her prey. Creeping further and further under cover. Finding the deeper and denser parts until she was obscured from the sight of her masters. She moved with the cunning of a master hunter until she found what she was looking to find. A gate into the hedge.

She quickly darted through, following the sound of the song in her head. Twisting and turning through the maze of the hedge. She was certain that she heard someone or something enter the hedge behind her. Chasing her, hunting her. As she ran, at first bounding along like a panther, then scrambling like a human, she remembered more and more. She felt the thorns tear at her flesh. She heard the creatures behind her tearing through the hedge. And most of all, she heard the song drawing her forward.

Finally, she burst out of the hedge into a park. It was just before dawn and the twilight barely illuminated the clearing. She spun around to look at the hedge gate. It was a dark opening into the thick brush. And there was a gate. A real gate made of wrought iron. Without thinking, she lept towards the gate and grabbed it with both hands. She threw her body against the gate, forcing the rusted hinges to move. With an immense groan, the gate moved. It swung around in a wide arc. Piper was straining with all of her might to move it. She heard the creatures within the hedge getting closer. In moments, they would be upon her. With a loud screech, the gate swung through the final part of the arc and latched shut with a clang that echoed through the park. As the gate latched shut, she saw the eyes of her pursuers within the hedge. Fierce red eyes, intent on catching and killing their prey like the animals they were. And as the hedge gate closed itself, the eyes faded into the distance and seemed more and more like a bad dream.

Piper, looked down at her ragged clothing and realized she had made it home.

She walked through the early morning hours looking for food. Scavenging through alleys and back streets. Slipping into buildings to look for a morsel to eat. Like a feral cat, she roamed the neighborhood looking for a place to hide for the day. She chose a spot at the end of an alleyway near a chinese restaurant called Ton-Cat-Su. She slept fitfully, waking often, throughout the day. As the sun was setting, she started to try to figure out what she was going to do. Try to find her home? Try to find her family? She wasn’t sure.

As she stood up and started to move towards the end of the alleyway, she saw a woman at the end. He stepped back into the darkness at the edges of the alleyway and waited. Then she heard a voice, “Here, kitty. It’s okay. I won’t hurt you.” It was odd because even though the woman was calling to a cat, Piper sure felt like the woman was talking to her.

She cautiously poked out her head and saw the woman still standing there, looking right at her.

“Hi there,” the woman said, looking right at Piper. “I know this might be a bit confusing right now, but I’d like to help you. If you’re hungry and want to be somewhere safe, I can help.”

The woman was dressed in black, with vibrant red hair, and pale skin. Her eyes shined like stars in the winter sky. “It is getting dark again and they will be looking for you. We can help.”

The fear of discovery by her captors outweighed her uncertainty of this current situation and Piper walked out into the alley way and looked at the woman. Though it was clearly summer, it almost appeared that snowflakes were dancing in the air around her. Piper looked inside for her voice. She hadn’t used it in a long time. “Who.. Who are you?”

“I’m Clare. Clare Standish. Come quickly. We’ll get you some clothes and a nice meal. There’s a safe place right around the corner…”

Piper McCord been part of the Spring Court for 5 years now. She has recently been appointed to be the administrative assistant to Floyd Carnation. She has been known to sit in from time to time on the open mic jam sessions at Caer Bannog to sing.

Piper McCord

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