Manny Bianco

A socially awkward gentleman with a heart of gold


Manuel Bianco, or Manny, is the employee and roommate to Bernard Black. Manny pretty much runs the bookshop by himself as Bernard is often too distracted, too irritated, or too drunk to take care of the business. Manny used to be an accountant, but lost that job due to an accident with a cup of chunky soup and the Little Book of Calm. Now he is happily (?) employed at Black Books.

Manny is kind and considerate, often to a fault. He is somewhat childlike in his ability to interact in social situations and often trips himself up (physically and intellectually) when he finds himself in a serious moment.

Manny really enjoys the company of Fran Katzenjammer and marginally tolerated Bernard Black. Despite the tension in their employer-employee and roommate relationship, Manny knows that Bernard is a good person underneath is boorish exterior.

Manny Bianco

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