Fran Katzenjammer

A sassy business woman with insecurity issues


Fran Katzenjammer is the owner and sole proprietor of an antique shop called “Fran-tiques”. She thought it was a clever play on words because it wove together her name, the word “antiques”, and loosely the concept of being frantic (by changing the pronunciation slightly). And since she is an insecure, high-strung, nervous-wreck of a person, the word “frantic” usually describes everything she does.

She enjoys closing shop for lunch just to go down and drink a bottle of wine with Bernard Black and Manny Bianco. Despite her mannerisms and neurotic tendencies, she does well with her shop and makes a solid income.

She has a very nervous demeanour when she first meets someone because she is overly worried about making the wrong impression.

She has perused Ned’s shop many, many times and is fascinated by some of the more obscure things there.

Fran Katzenjammer

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