Clare Standish

  • Seeming: Elemental
  • Kith: Snowskin
  • Court: Spring
  • -
  • Virtue: Prudence
  • Vice: Envy

Clare Standish was born Clare Charlotte Standish on December 21, 1959. Her family was a rich and affluent family in the area. For Clare’s 21st birthday (in 1980) her friends threw her a birthday party at the old house that Clare’s family had purchased in 1919 (when her grandfather had first immigrated from Ireland). The house had been left vacant after her grandparents had died in an automobile accident in 1965 and was always rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of her grandparents. Clare and eight of her friends stayed all night in the house. They drank and listened to music and told ghost stories. Then, around midnight, they all went to sleep. The next morning, Clare was gone. No evidence of what had happened was ever found by the authorities. Her missing persons case was closed in 1990 and left unsolved. She regretted ever going into the attic crawl space to check out the noise she had heard.

On December 21, 2000, Clare found her was back through the hedge into the mortal world again. She had been gone only a year in her own mind even though 20 years had passed. Now she has been in the Boston freehold for almost a decade. She has been a member of the spring court ever since her return. Her primary role in the Spring Court is to process new members of the court as they come in. She also has taken an active role in seeking out new Changelings as they come back through the hedge and helping them find safe shelter (she does this as her own task, not on behalf of the Spring Court). She has little interest in the actual politics of the Courts and though she has been asked to represent the Spring Court on many occasions, she has respectfully declined to do so every time.

She has never forgotten the icy prison of Arcadia or the cruel masters that kept her there. And every year on her birthday (which is her original birthday, the anniversary of her capture, and the date of her escape) she has a small party with close friends where they all dress up in their finest clothing and share a fantastic meal together, then stay up all night drinking wine to celebrate their freedom.

Clare Standish

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